Drone unit

Drones have found their place in security operations through quick terrain search, quality video surveillance and patrol recording. Also, the element of deterrence is very effective.

Your CCTV cameras and alarm systems cannot take action to stop a crime. While they are a crucial aspect that adds to a building’s security quotient, they are only gadgets and machines.

For taking quick actions when burglars break into a building, human intellect and presence are required. Security guards are well-trained to act fast in emergencies. Also, with security patrol software, they can stay well connected and gather up when more force is required.

If you only rely on tech, the crime cannot be stopped. The technology is there to aid investigations and alert people, but they cannot stop crimes from happening. For that, human intervention is required. So, get mobile security patrols for your building or premises to ensure better security.

We do:
- On site
- Drone patrol
- Drone firewatch
- Drone search